Balancing Comedy and a Relationship By AFC Baggy

By AFC Baggy

A lot of comedians (at a lower level) are single, especially those in their latter years because what sort of person would put up with cancellation of a quiet night because of the excuse: “I’ve just been offered an open slot in Leeds with the possibility of progression so I have to leave now.”

Their mouth may so “okay”, but their brain is saying: “You are travelling for 2-3 hours along a traffic jammed motorway to a gig where you will have to wait for 2 hours to get on for 5-10 minutes to perform to disinterested punters who won’t listen to you before you leave to lukewarm applause so you can wait for the headline act to do 20-25 minutes of gems that you can’t even get near writing even though you think you can before trying to talk to them to get your name known and maybe get some feedback before travelling 2 hours back along a deserted motorway where you will stop off and get a reheated sausage roll that costs more than the petrol, and then get home long after I have gone to bed and don’t really want to listen to you waffle on about how well you would have done if there had been more people there – rather than spend it with me? You… are a TWAT!”

That relationship is not going to work. Trust me. At least my wife tells me “I am not coming to see you because you aren’t funny – and don’t even try that joke on me because I am not going to laugh”.

The fact I’m STILL married is not because I DON’T gig every night it is because I gig once a week. If I’m lucky.

And the fact is I am never going to make it in the comedy world because comedians gig at unsociable times, at the drop of a hat and (primarily) at weekends. They’re getting stage time, getting better, getting paid and getting friction burns on their genitalia.

I am married, have a family, a car that hasn’t done 100,000 miles and food on the table….but by God, I envy them!

Should you ever mix business and pleasure?

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