Adam Rowe

Name: Adam Rowe
Age: 23
Year started comedy: 2010


1. Favourite Joke?
Tom Stade’s Meat Van bit.

2. Favourite Heckle?
An act was really struggling and in the build up to a joke and said the line “My father’s very ill and it’s very difficult to watch…”
Audience member: “SO ARE YOU!”

3. Worst experience?
December 2014 at The Crown Hotel. 30 people, less than 5 looking at the stage at any one time, two fights whilst I’m on stage. Awful.

4. Favourite Comedian?
Dylan Moran

5. Best comedian on circuit today?
Dan Nightingale

6. Celebrity you look most like?
Stacey Soloman

Is Northern humour funnier than Southern humour?


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