Danny Sutcliffe

Brendon Burns
Outside The Box
Lantern Theatre, Liverpool
31st January


Danny Sutcliffe was as strong an opening act as one could hope for.

When the headline act has received death threats for saying Scousers lack a sense of humour, who better to open a show in the heart of Liverpool than a Mancunian?

To everyone’s delight, Sutcliffe highlights this situation perfectly and handles the room with great aplomb from there onwards.

There is a paradox to his performance – a confidence in his own nervousness.

He has every right to be confident; following up great gags with good kickers, squeezing every laugh out of the audience.

His Northern humour and crafty word play propel his set above most acts on the amateur circuit.

And although his patchwork of intelligent jokes could be woven together more seamlessly, this approach seems fitting for the type of character he is; a unique, working-class, diamond in the rough.

Such was the quality of his short set, Sutcliffe left the crowd wondering when it would be he with his own one man show and an opening act for himself.

Are Mancunians gigging in Liverpool funnier than Scousers gigging in Manchester?


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