Paul Smith, Kevin Precious, Carl Jones, Jonothan Mayor

The Hot Water Comedy Club
Holiday Inn, Lime Street
27 February

Edited by Lewis Calvert

Resident Compere Paul Smith returned to Hot Water Comedy Club to kick start of the comedy weekend in rip roaring fashion.

The MC knows how to keep the crowd happy had those in attendance simmering before the first act even set foot on stage.

Up first was former Religious teacher Kevin Precious who soon made it clear that he was happy to talk about a number of his sins.

Kevin dealt with a heckler in expert fashion putting the outspoken chap down with a jibe suggesting what was happening wasn’t actually “a conversation” to the audiences delight.

You could tell Precious was the joker of the classroom. He continued to deliver funny school based anecdotes such as the mythical “unwanted” erection and the tale of the mysterious shitter who was dropping gifts in school bathrooms.

Which coincidentally became a running theme for the night as women who entered one particular toilet cubical soon found out.

The middle act was Michael Sheen lookalike Carl Jones whose curly mane and fitting nerdy demeanour got him on the crowd’s side without a word spoken. His charming act showed clean jokes still have a place in comedy clubs. The most explicit moment coming as he recalled his mate Gary going doggy style with a horse mask on in Kavos.

Jones also has a growing reputation for writing comedy and has had several sketches recorded for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s NewsJack and is currently writing a sitcom. He’s certainly one to keep an eye on for the future.

And then came the grand finale in Jonathan Mayor. Truly a one man show Mayor had the crowd in raptures from start to finish without a moments lull.

His grandioso persona and quick wit delivered time again. Mayor had both a Marine and a UKIP caricature within an arms reach which was like all his Christmases coming at once. He reveled in his own campness and picked members of the front row apart with surgical precision.

He likened his own appearance to both Gok Wan and Alan Carr, but he was, on this night at least, more fashionable than the former and funnier than the later.

With Mayor bringing the evening to a roaring crescendo some people were on their feet giving him a standing ovation.

A great deal of credit has to go to resident compare Paul Smith who throughout the night was up doing his very own brilliant thing. His charisma along with his evil yet infectious laugh had everyone in stitches.

It would be an understatement to say people got their moneys worth. But for comedy fans in or people visiting the city at Hot Water Comedy you most definitely get your moneys worth.

Would you ever try your hand at stand up comedy?


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