Paul Smith, Adam Rowe, James Bran

Hot Water Comedy Club
Holiday Inn, Lime Street
28 February

Edited by Lewis Calvert

Hot Water Comedy Club has been providing fantastic nights for humour for a while now. Comedians that entertain there leave you gasping for breath and leave you with a sore throat the next day, and Saturday was no different.

It’s not just a popular choice for comedy lovers of Liverpool, but from places all over too.

The crowd on Saturday was full of people who had made long trips and they certainly weren’t disappointed as compare for the night Paul Smith set the tone for the evening with an energized opening. His interactions with the crowd where hilarious.

His story about his son and his ‘cement poo’ filled had the room laughing thunderously and his night as compare was a huge success.

He introduced one of his best and closet friends Adam Rowe.

Buzzing from the start, the 23 year old gave a brilliant performance as he described the relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

“I’ve gone on about my ex all night it’s a good job she’s not here… actually I wish she was the c***.”

His talk about his father had the room filled with laughter, but his line about pooing himself whilst on nights out will live long in the memory.

“If you have a ratio of s******** yourself on 1 night out of 10,000 you’ve done well. It’s just that mine is more like Luis Suarez’s goal scoring ratio for Liverpool last year.”

James Bran was next to take to the stage, his style was a stark contrast to Adam, but it worked beautifully and showcased the variety of comedians Hot Water have on show.

James’s laid-back tone and all round calmness on stage was incredible, the crowd waited with expectancy for his jokes which were well worth the wait.

His poetry book left the crowd roaring.

One read; “It’s not you, it’s really me, sent from….. My iPhone.”

The funniest gag of the night came when he revealed a cling film sheet that he had tied around a coil.

He called it the CCTV scrambler as he pulled it over his face.

An all over successful night at the Holiday Inn, the crowd were entertained from start to finish and if you’re looking for a comedy night in Liverpool, it would be hard to overlook this place.

Who is your favourite comedian on TV at the minute?


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